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Record, transcribe, translate & analyze all meetings, and coach teams at scale using cutting edge AI - works with your favorite conferencing or dialing software.

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Energy & Home

Sell complex products & services successfully over video

Demodesk video conferencing platform is built for consultation-intensive products and services. Leading utilities, energy and home services providers use Demodesk to sell more efficiently using video conferencing and provide a stellar customer experience.

How Eigensonne uses Demodesk to fully digitize their sales processes

“Demodesk helped us to create an efficient sales process, increasing our daily meeting capacity while ensuring transparency throughout the digital buying journey.”

20% higher

conversion rates

50% shorter

sales cycles

80% better

data quality
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Video meeting experience

Provide an intuitive, professional and secure video meeting experience

  • Join from any device or browser by clicking on a custom branded link, no downloads are required for anyone
  • Provide the most professional and intuitive interface that’s tailor-made for omnichannel sales and save users from any unnecessary features or functionalities
  • Enjoy secure, encrypted, high quality video, audio, screen sharing, e-signature, white board, and co-browsing on web applications - all built for hybrid digital sales
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Increase revenue and productivity with cutting-edge technology

  • Share content on a collaborative virtual screen instead of sharing the local desktop - configure complex products together with your customer on the virtual screen
  • Support agents in real-time during the meeting with product information, online calculators, customer data from the CRM and objection handling techniques
  • Save agents from repetitive tasks and automate meeting scheduling, meeting preparation, CRM documentation and e-mail follow-up
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Collaborative virtual screen
Standardized sales processes

Standardize processes and control all workflows from one central place

  • Let leads book meetings directly on your website, qualify them automatically, route meetings to the right host and manage all customer meetings from a central dashboard
  • Ensure everyone delivers the perfect pitch by centrally managing playbooks and talk tracks that guide agents in real-time during the meeting
  • Get full visibility into all meeting activities, build a library of calls with GDPR compliant auto-recording and analyze playbook adherence to ensure everyone stays on track
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Sell consultation-intensive products and services digitally over video with Demodesk

Higher efficiency

Connect with customers via video, eliminating the need for inefficient and costly travel. Provide advice as if you were in the same room, review documents collaboratively, fill out forms together, and sign contracts digitally.

Additionally, Demodesk enhances agents' success with live real-time guidance and AI-based sales coaching during meetings.

More revenue

Complex products and services require personalized guidance and human consultation. In contrast to phone or email, Demodesk video meetings significantly increase your likelihood of successfully closing deals.

Demodesk provides a professional meeting environment customized for remote customer consultations.

New customers

Young audiences seek both personal support and 24/7 access through all digital channels. Video chats are a part of their daily life.

Demodesk offers contemporary service, opening doors to new customer demographics for your company.

Better service

Flexibility and remote work have gained immense importance for both agents and customers. Online video consultation offers a time-saving service with a personal touch for advisors and clients alike.

Video consultation makes your sales highly efficient and flexible, even in home offices and without physical customer contact.

Process control

Demodesk is tailored for larger sales teams, offering the capability to standardize and oversee the complete sales process, spanning from scheduling to conducting and analyzing meetings.

It is fully compliant with GDPR and all other data privacy regulations.

More insights

Customer conversations no longer need to be a mystery.

With Demodesk, you can gain insights into meeting dynamics and pinpoint areas where product or process enhancements are needed to maintain a competitive edge.

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